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Best Fun Knitting Patterns

Best FUN Knitting Patterns

At Chic-a, in case you don’t know, we love finding fun knitting patterns. Fun is our middle name! So, we think these are great finds, and truly inspirational. We’ve searched high and low, and found a few that are sure to make you smile. (Well, they did for us, anyway!) Listed in no particular order:

best knitting patterns ever

1. Magnetic Katamari– This fun little ball of joy may be the next best thing for holding all your little tools. Second, of course, to our very own Chic-a Gadget Trays, which, we must say are delightfully handy. Especially for projects like this!

superhero costume knitted

2. Keep Superheroes Warm – Mark Newport makes a living keeping superheroes warm with these amazing costumes. If you’re a mom, a grandma, a teacher, or just someone who loves kids, we could all agree you’re a superhero! So, why not make yourself one? (Using one of our Yarn Keeper Project Bags could help with your knitting!)

best fun knitting patterns Chic-a diy-humpback-whale-pattern

3. Sleep with the Whales – Why not go a little fishy with this fun new friend that kids are sure to love. Its cute without being strange. Its cuddly without all the mess. Best of all, its a free pattern by Bec Brittain.

Chic-a fun knitting patterns beardo-beard-hat-2

4. No Time to Grow a Beard? – This is just the solution for you! Not just for men, either, and a great way to keep your chin warm! Beardo features a detachable beard that’s perfect for milk drinking, put it back on, and you’re ready for the slopes (or just the mall, if you’re normally a frosty person). You can buy them on their site at

Chic-a Fun Knitting Patterns baby Giant pom hat

5. How to Make Your Baby Look Even Cuter – What else is needed than a Giant Pom Baby Hat for the new parent in the room? Colorful and funky, with the bonus of keeping your little one’s head warm, this one made the list for being so darn cute. Also, check out their Baby Cocoon, which is amazingly cute, and the perfect prop for photographs. Both are patterns available for purchase from Etsy.


Penny for Your Thoughts

What do you think? What’s your favorite of our Best FUN Knitting Patterns?

Happy Knitting from all of us here at Chic-a!



New on Knitty

What’s New on Knitty? This cool new shawl pattern that’s just in time for spring; keeping you warm enough for those cool breezes, yet cool enough when the sun decides to come out. And we don’t just love it because our ad is featured there. (Well, that’s part of it – if we’re honest)

The Lunatic Fringe Shawl, designed by Jennifer Dassau, features an asymmetrical design, that slowly increases the further it goes. The author of this pattern includes that she used a “slubby merino/ alpaca/ silk blend which is weirdly iridescent in duo-tonal colors, to accentuate the erratic nature of the shawl; handspun would create a similar effect. Any yarn and any amount may be used.”

If you’re tired of the boring or usual, this is just for the rebel in you!

For Your Project

If you’re keen on taking up the challenge of this fun new shawl pattern, we suggest using our ever-famous Chic-a Project Bag.(The bag that started it all…want to know more? Check out our About Us page!)

Need a place to hold your pattern and tools, too? Check out the Chic-a Triad (pictured below). It includes three handy knitting accessories (a pattern holder, mini tote and key ring pouch) in one cute little package- they all roll up into one handy clutch! Both the Triad and Project Bag come in all of our swatch colors, that are fun and ready to show off.


Chic-a Triad 3 in 1 Knitting Pattern Holder and Accessories

Knitsy: A Fun New App Review

Fun things in the Knitting World

Our Review of Knitsy: the fun, new iPad app

We love all things knitting and crochet, in fact it’s why we started Chic-a (to make knitting easier and more fun!), so we decided it would be good of us to let you know about a fun new app that we are loving right now! (Aren’t we kind?)

has just released their new app for the iPad, and we think it’s pretty cool. (Grab your free app here!) They are now ranked at #1 on iTunes for the Free Craft and Hobby Apps.

We like things that are #1, and things that are free, so we decided to give our two cents worth.


The Knitsy Experience

After you download the app, its not as intuitive as you’d think, it actually loads into your Newsstand app. From there, you’ll have to download the issue (there’s only one currently), which takes a little time (and patience!).

Once inside, however, it is full of great pictures, a wide variety of content, and fun interaction (swipe to navigate through the pages, tap twice to see the menu).


The Knitsy Content

Kntisy is full of fun ideas to get your creative juices flowing, whether you like knitting or not. (We love the knitted stools by Claire-Anne O’Brien! And the fact that Ryan Gosling loves to knit.) There are lots of great products featured, an article on “Photo Bombing” (who knew!), and even very tasteful ads (our is on page 16! check it out, let us know what you think!)


Our Consensus

Our consensus is that this is a fun and unique magazine format, and a new way to get our reading in about Knitting and Crochet (some of our favorite subjects).

If you haven’t gotten it already, we recommend you do so!


Your Opinion Matters

Have you  tried the new Knitsy app? What do you think? Let us know in the comments and share what you’ve learned with the knitting world.